We help clients in financial distress get a Fresh Start

Talk with an experienced and understanding attorney

We are a full-service law firm, focused in the Baltimore, Maryland area. We offer a friendly, yet competent, atmosphere.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss whether or not a bankruptcy filing can help you.

Bankruptcy can happen to anyone. The first step in resolving your personal debt is consulting with an attorney who is both experienced and caring.  When you step into our office, you will be greeting by an attorney who is committed to helping you solve your problems and give you a Fresh Start!

Many families, individuals and businesses suffer undue financial stress by delaying filing, even after it has become clear that bankruptcy is the only rational solution to their financial situation.  Many worry they will lose all of their property or that their credit will be destroyed.


We will help you protect your assets from the reach of your creditors and help you get a Financial Fresh Start.  Let us help you on your way to rebuilding your credit.